Thursday, May 30, 2013

It isn’t that easy….

re-created - life as their mom

Today Bella pulled out one of my favorite dress up skirts she owns, and I was looking at her in it and I just thought “WOW! She has grown so much in the past year.”

You see, one of my favorite pictures of Bella is from July of last year when we tried out rag curls in her hair. She was wearing the skirt and stopped whatever it was she was doing right next to the backdoor and I was all “Ohhh! I need a picture of that right there!” Pretty sure it’s one of my favorites of any of the kids ever. It’s just so sweet and girly.

Anyway, today when I saw Bella in the skirt again I decided that I just had to attempt to get a similar picture of her in it. I knew it wouldn’t be completely the same since, you know, we weren’t putting curls in again, and she’s big enough now we don’t just let her go around without a shirt anymore.

Lets just say, she really made me work for this picture.

re-created b - life as their mom

and this…

re-created c - life as their mom

I won’t lie, by this point I was getting pretty frustrated with the girl-child. I mean, it’s not like I was being unreasonable, I just wanted ONE PICTURE. All she had to do was cooperate and be cute and stand and do exactly what I told her to. Why couldn’t she just do that for me?

Hmmm… maybe because she’s a wiley four year old, who does not like being posed? Maybe. Though sometimes I think she just likes to make things difficult. (Not that she gets that from me at all.)

At that point I gave up getting an exact match, and we had a little more fun.

And it helped that a bunch of birds landed in our backyard just then that she could look out the window at and get all nice and distracted about.

re-created d - life as their mom

Then I got this one, which along with the wrapped in curtain picture, might make this set my new favorite for Bella pictures.

re-created e - life as their mom

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