Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Flats & Hand Washing Challenge–Day 2/Part 1

Today’s blog prompt:
How did you Prepare?  List your supplies, where you bought them, how you made them, how much you paid, etc.

Well, to start I didn’t buy anything for this challenge, because well, I didn’t have any excess funds to buy stuff. I gathered up about 8 of my husbands old shirts and cut them up following the t-shirt diaper instructions on Dirt Diaper Laundry’s website. Then I hunted up all of our cotton receiving blankets (all three of them, lol). That’s about it. Cutting the shirts up was a remarkably quick thing. I was sure it would be tedious and time consuming, so they all sat in a pile in my living room for about two days. Then yesterday on the drive into drop John off for work I got them all cut up, so in about 40 minutes.

Today’s video:

Yesterday’s photos, and a few little stories.
flatschallenge day 2 - life as their mom
Yes, I am washing that diaper (errr…. receiving blanket that was used as a diaper) outside. I had only put it on Mason about an hour before, and he hadn’t peed in it or anything, but we’d been outside playing in the hose and he got it all wet and muddy. I figured a couple of sprays with the hose, rubbing on the rocks, and a few more hose sprays wouldn’t kill it or Mason’s butt.

flatschallenge day 2b - life as their mom
Here’s that t-shirt fail that I mentioned. The snappi just could not get a good grip on that shirt because of all the design, plus, it was a touch hard getting the origami fold with it seeing as how I made it out of a medium shirt.

flatschallenge day 2c - life as their mom
Drying on the rack. We had the perfect weather for it yesterday.

flatschallenge day 2d - life as their mom
A certain little miss wanted to wash diapers outside too. I gave her the one Mason played in the hose in on Sunday night that was waiting to be washed to “clean.”

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