Sunday, January 1, 2012

The great room switch and much more.

Hello 2012, and an even bigger hello to my new BLOG!
...though I still want to work on that header some more...

Welcome to the official kick off of my new blog, I meant to get around to posting earlier... but I didn't... I was, well, living. lol I love using the excuse of being too busy living to make up for not blogging sooner. But this first week of January is seriously crazy for my family. First we have John's birthday - tomorrow (2nd), then mine - the 7th, then Ryan's - the 10th. Today I took John out for his birthday, but I'll say more on that tomorrow. Plus today was Sunday so we had church.

I don't know what you did to ring in the new year, but we did the lazy way - though shocker of shockers - John and I both managed to stay up until midnight this year. Usually one or both of us fall asleep before it hits. Anyway, in our house we ring in the new year at 9 PM so that the kids can join in but not have to stay up so way past their bedtimes. But only Zach made it this year, Ryan and Bella both conked out.

We spent the actual evening doing the great room switch.
Zach was moved into Bella's room, and Bella was moved into the Zach's old room with Ryan. You might ask where Mason will go when he comes, and I will concede - that is a very good question. Right now, Mason is going in my room - my bed to be more precise - same as the other three did. We just aren't also setting him up an official spot in another room, we'll put his clothes in our dresser and clear out a small space for the pack-n-play for naptimes. We're nowhere near done on the room switch though. We still need to bring over Zach and Bella's actual beds. Right now Zach has the tiny top bunk off the bunk beds and Bella is still in the toddler bed/crib. We also need to get all three new bedding, new curtains for both rooms, and some decorations for Zach's room.

Ryan... well... he just ain't a happy camper over the switch, but I gotta say tough titties to him. If he would have just learned to leave Zach be, and better yet, leave Zach's stuff be, he wouldn't be stuck sharing a room with Bella. I have no pity for the boy.

And lastly... I gots to keep up with this for a challenge over at Sweet Shoppe... virtually smack me if you see me lagging.... cause I do tend to lag. lol
Day 1: Self-Portrait


  1. That is a beautiful self portrait! You look great! I hope to do the 30 day photo challenge, but honestly, I don't know if I'll make it happen or not. :)

    Good luck!

  2. YAY for revitalizing your blog! i'm doing the same and aim to post more regularly :) I love how you painted the boys room with all that blue and the red stripes :)

    (sorry about your other boy not liking the switch)

  3. We've had to switch rooms several times. Years ago we needed to move the twins from the nursery (smallest room) to a bigger room, so Wyatt got the smallest room. Then when Grant moved out to college, Wyatt got his huge room and Grant has to stay in the small room when he comes home. He started in that small room as a baby, so we've come full circle. :) Good luck!

  4. That's a big challenge - good luck! At least it's only a daily photo for a month, that should be more attainable than the P366 challenges. Have fun!

  5. I totally understand the life is too busy to blog thing. I'm bad about that! I'm working on that challenge too :)

  6. Love the challenge and the self portrait :) x