Monday, January 2, 2012

Birthday Chronicles Part I

He has a birthday today.
They celebrated it yesterday.

He had a bad week at work (money-wise) last week, like really bad, so he cancelled his birthday plans.

She had money leftover from money people gave her at Christmas, and she knew he would veto her plan. So she set up a secret. She called her parents and set up babysitting for the kids and had them call him and say they wanted to take him out for his birthday. (That last part was a lie...) Really, she was going to take HIM out.

Three quarters of the way to the restaurant she realized that she forgot all her money when she changed purses. She then had to tell him the plan to make sure there was enough money in the bank for her to use the debit card instead. He just shook his and said that was typical of her, and just to make sure she gave him the cash when they got home. He also said that she should not be using her Christmas money this way. She reminded him that it was hers to do whatever the heck she wanted to with it. Plus b already used a big chunk of it to pay for the groceries yesterday so he was too late anyway.

She got the cheapest thing to eat at the restaurant and told him to get whatever he wanted. He got the meal that cost $16. 

She told him he still got to go to the movies. She didn't even complain when he picked a movie that she didn't particularly want to see.

She is trying not to hold out hope that he will do anything sweet or unexpected for her birthday in a few days.

This is what a dad's birthday really looks like.

So what we went and saw was The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

 So, are you like me and haven't read the books or seen the original movies? If so listen closely if you are thinking of seeing this movie (slight spoilers):
If you can not stomach seeing rape, pictures of violent rape and murder, or if you do not like seeing sex or boobies - this really just is not the movie for you.

Don't get me wrong - all those things - even the boobies - add to the whole story and mystery, which as many know that usually isn't the case. But honestly, without them the story wouldn't be complete. And the story was really good. It's a great mystery and it keeps you wondering and guessing at what happened to the murdered girl and how her murder ties in. It's really like three mysteries in one movie.

inspiration for this post: she & he posts from here and monthly lifestyle project featured here

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