Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Potty Queen and Pinning Wins

John “You want to hear my new goal?”
Me “Sure! What is it?” 

John “Well, see you know…”
Me *busy thinking about…* “WAIT! I think I need to go pee first!”
*run out of kitchen to bathroom*

John “Please then, don’t let me stop you.”
Me *from way over on other side of living room* “But John! I've always wanted to go pee on the floor!”

This is much funnier when you remember that I am almost 7 (!!!OMG!!!) months pregnant and peeing is now very serious business. 

This is just a taste of the types of posts you can expect. I love blogging those random silly conversations that you hear going around my house. It gets even better when you add the boys in.

And this totally just in.

<---I pinned that from one of the cutest blogs e.v.e.r an hour earlier. 48 REPINS IN AN HOUR. Obviously I have an excellent eye for the cute. Totally reaffirms my need to do that idea.

Please excuse the wait.

This blog will officially launch in 2012. 

(though I will post some sneak peek stuff in the meantime)