Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Mother’s Day Craft

Inspired by this pin:

After Pablo Picasso's "Hands with Bouquet" – Artrageous Afternoon

Bella and I were scrolling through Pinterest one day last week when we saw that pin and Bella decided that she just had to make it. Well, I couldn’t help her do a craft for ME so we decided to make it for my mom from her and Mason. Here’s our spin on it.

hand bouque craft 1 - life as their mom
hand bouque craft 2 - life as their mom
hand bouque craft 3 - life as their mom
hand bouque craft 4 - life as their mom
hand bouque craft 5 - life as their mom

We stuck with supplies that we had sitting around the house. For the hands/arms we used brown paper bags and colored pencils. They’re held down with double sided tape and some Elmer’s Craft Bond glue. The background is glossy heavy picture printer paper painted with the only three paint colors I could find (yellow, white, and red). The flowers were made from scraps of silver wrapping paper and pink tissue paper glued down to circles of cardstock. Then they got a coating of gold and clear glitter spray paint. (The background also got a coating of clear glitter spray paint) The stems of the flowers were made with green plaid washi tape I had laying around. The frame had been sitting packed away forever. The flowers are held down with hot glue on the background and where they meet with the frame.

My mom loved it and said that it is very “Bella-esque.”

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