Monday, May 20, 2013

Flats & Hand Washing Challenge–Day 1/Part 1


First a little about us:
If you’re new to the blog through the challenge, Welcome! I’m so glad you stopped by to see today’s post. I’m Trish, I’m 26 and mom to 4 kids between the ages of an almost 9 year to a 14 month old. We only have one in diapers, Mason. For the challenge I am using receiving blankets and t-shirts made into flats.

Today’s blog prompt:
Why are you doing the challenge?
I started out thinking I’d do it to see just how doable it is, because I grew up in an extremely poor area, and still am in one, and I love the idea of seeing if this is doable as a way to be able to help those in need out. Well, when I explained this to my mom (she wanted to know why I needed her drying rack) she just laughed. She said of course it’s doable – she did it this exact way with my older brother and I because we were so poor. And then she used flats and line drying with my younger two siblings as well because she didn’t see the point in wasting money on disposables. Plus, as she said, women have been using flats – and hand washing and line drying since the way back when before disposables and before washers and dryers were in most houses. That the only reason people say this isn’t doable is because they’re lazy and just don’t want to do it.
Well… that kind of made me re-look at why I am doing this, because, well, she has a pretty valid point. Me, I’m super lazy. For real. My laziness has prompted most of our family’s more natural/crunchiness, because well, I ain’t got no time to be running to and from the store, and I definitely don’t have time to be jumping in and out of bed to see why the baby is crying and to make a bottle. I figure if I can do this, well, then most others can do it as well.

Today’s video, Part One.

((sorry for all the wind noise))

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