Friday, May 24, 2013

Flats & Hand Washing Challenge–Day 5

day 5 - life as their mom
New cover! And hey, there’s a t-shirt flat under that cuteness.


Since I covered most everything in today’s video I‘ll get right to today’s prompt.

What’s working for you?
What’s really been working for me is using the t-shirts, folding them down to prefold size and then folding them the way I would my prefolds. (I use this fold.) Also, I’m learning I really need to just toss out our velcro covers and switch us to snap ones. Mason will yank them off, and I let him go around without them. However, the t-shirt diapers, unlike our fitteds paired with an insert, do not just keep in the pee with out a cover. It just shoots through the diaper. And I am done with the washing in the kitchen sink. Done, done, done. I’m just moving to the bathtub and not telling John.

The new flour sack towels I picked up from Wal-Mart (*note – Wal-Mart, I say Kroger in the video, they did not come from Kroger) for the challenge to try out.

day 5 b - life as their mom
day 5 c - life as their mom

Oh, that new cover, I got it from Zookaboo on Etsy.

For more information on the challenge see this link:

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