Friday, May 17, 2013

Of sick kids, spiders, and volcanoes.

of spiders and volcanos 2 - life as their mom

Of course Ryan has to be difficult.

Our house came down with a stomach bug last week. Everyone got sick. It was… gross. Ryan however did not. Ryan, who has the constitution of an ox, generally does not catch most sickies that the rest of us get, so I figured we were all good now.

Oh no. Ryan just wanted his own sick time it seems. I got called Wednesday afternoon to come and get him from school. He had already thrown up twice, and then he threw up two more times while I was waiting on him. The nurse told him just to leave all his stuff in his class, she’d rather he didn’t walk all the way back across the school to get it. Got the boy home – no more pukes, or sick feelings AT ALL. Yet, since he got sent home for throwing up he couldn’t go back yesterday. Yesterday, with a bored Ryan, was a very, very long day.

But today he’s back at school – just in time for Field Day… oh wait, it’s raining.
*insert evil laugh*

of spiders and volcanos 1 - life as their mom

However on Monday….

We were watching The Hobbit (as I said on Facebook, there’s the proof I love them, I hate all those stories) when Zach looked up and noticed a huge spider crawling on the ceiling. See the black dot he’s looking up at in the first picture – that’s 11 feet up. Brave boy that he is, he then grabbed on of John’s shoes to throw at it to kill it. Not brave mom that I am I yelled “NO STOP! YOU’LL HIT THE BACK DOOR!” (it’s made primarily of glass…) So Ryan grabbed the shoe and said “It’s OK, I know I can hit it,” at which point he threw the shoe. I waited for the sound of breaking glass. Nope. Dude threw and killed the spider all in one toss. They have decided that it was an epic moment, at least one of the top five epic moments of their lives.

And… Zach made a volcano. (Yes, Zach, we gave him just the bare minimum of help on his project. I hot glued, and John showed him how to do the papier mache.)

of spiders and volcanos 3 - life as their mom
of spiders and volcanos 4 - life as their mom
of spiders and volcanos 5 - life as their momof spiders and volcanos 6 - life as their mom

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