Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ryan on the mind.

Ryan has been occupying a lot of mind lately so I thought I would do a post dedicated just to the dude.

ryan on my mind - life as their mom

"OK! I brushed my teeth! Only, well, I couldn't find my toothbrush so I used my finger. But that's OK to do."

Saturday, September 7, 2013

New Releases–September 7th


This week I got so many pages done. Seriously. The image shows seven but… I got NINE done, and that’s not counting the five weeks of Project Life pages I did. But honestly there were so many amazing products to work this week that it was so easy to get swept away and lose so much time in Photoshop. Make sure you stop by Sweet Shoppe and check out this week’s new releases to see the ones that I didn’t get around to using.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Let him sleep.

let him sleep - life as their momI’m not going to lie, or feel any guilt or shame in admitting this:

Mason still sleeps in my bed. Not only does he still sleep in my bed, he’s almost 18 months old and he still doesn’t even pretend to sleep through the night.

I don’t mind. I feel deep down that as long as he wakes to nurse at night, and as long as he feels he needs me, that we are doing the right thing and that he is exactly where he belongs. The few times that he has slept through the night (in his pack-n-play right next to my bed) I never sleep well. I’m up all night checking on him or waiting for him to wake up.

I know bed sharing and co-sleeping isn’t for everyone, but it’s always been the way our kiddos have slept as babies before they would start sleeping through the night. And up until Mason it wasn’t any big deal. With the big boys it was just me and them, and then with Bella, and Mason at first, it was us and them. I’m pretty sure John enjoys snuggly baby loves more than me – this is probably because they aren’t trying to latch on to him when they snuggle him.