Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the little brother


The bigger kiddos hadn’t really spent much time around Mason yet. They’ve all been staying with my mom, and other than a visit to her house Sunday for my brother’s birthday,  they hadn’t seen Mason.


Even that Sunday Ryan and Bella did great with him. They were both so sweet and excited about him. Bella like majorly so. She’s a little too excited… and too clingy to him. She sort of won’t let anyone be around him if she can’t also be right there. We’ve been experiencing her worst fits ever over this baby.

Ryan is just sweet.
He went to school and announced to everyone he saw all day that his mommy had his baby brother that morning. He is planning to get his favorite pictures printed off and taking them when he goes back to school Monday. His teacher even said they’d set aside a special time for him to show them off to the class.


Zach had us all a little worried at first.
He didn’t really seem to have anything against the baby, he just didn’t seem to care at first. It was just like “Eh, woohoo, there’s yet another little person in the house to annoy me.” ((Yes those were probably his thoughts – he has become rather jaded on the whole younger siblings thing.)) Sunday when he saw the baby he didn’t want anything to do with him. He sort of looked at him once or twice, held him – because John made him, and commented on how it was good another person finally had red hair.

But today the older kids came home for a few hours and got to spend some time with me and Mason. Yes, I had a huge headache between allergies, trying not to take pain pills, and the increase in noise, but it was great having all my kids home again. And they all did sooo well with Mason, especially Zach. Zach was just as sweet and precious as the other two. I’m really hoping that this good feeling towards the new little brother continues.

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