Saturday, March 17, 2012

Just a pinch of green

I won’t lie… I don’t really get into St. Patrick’s Day a whole ton. Probably because as I was growing up (and even now) I go out of my way not to wear green. My reasoning – Patrick = Patricia, it’s my Saint’s Day fool. Funnily enough, I love green and wear it super often. Usually on St. Patrick’s Day I go for a color I wouldn’t normally wear, such as today, today I wore purple.

Now this doesn’t mean I don’t encourage the kiddos to wear green. I’m not that big of a killjoy. Zach is wearing green boxers – he said he didn’t want to wear a green shirt. Ryan wore green shorts, a green camo shirt, and a green cape. I kept trying to get Bella to wear one of her many green items, but she just stuck with one of her pink short strappy dresses (more on Bella and short strappy dresses in a second), but with a pink and green filmy tutu underneath, so every now and then you got peeks of green. It was pretty cute, I will admit this.


Bella does love her some short strappy dresses.
I don’t get it at all, but seriously, my girl just can’t get enough of them. She’s been obsessed with them since last year and if the past two days are a preview of the spring and summer to come (take a moment to laugh at “spring” we’ve been in the low 80s) we’ll be rocking lots of these again this year. We have three, must invest in at least three more so she can make it through a week.

Right now we’re all in baby prepping mode, BUT… we are also getting ready to go into party mode. Bella’s 3rd birthday is next month and we’re going all out on a small party to celebrate it. She’s doing a princess dress up party – yeah original I know. I’ve been scourging Pinterest for ideas. If you know of any good princess party (or even tea party) pin please please please link them up for me. Here’s some of what I got so far.

Twelve whole pins. I’m kinda losering on ideas for this party. I literally have almost none. I beg you for your help.

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