Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hair, shower, bump.

Zach came home Monday in a horrible mood. Turns out kids at school have been picking on him for having “girl” hair. So… he decided to get a hair cut! He hadn’t had one since like August. Wet (even then it still curls) his hair in the front came down past his eyes. Now, unfortunately, he actually does look like he’s about to be 8.

Yesterday also…
My mom has been telling me for about a week that I have to come in this Thursday to eat lunch with her. She misses working with me and wanted to see me. I was think “Um, odd, but OK.” I was also half convinced it was going to be some sort of surprise baby shower. (I’m not so good with surprises by the way.) Then she called me Monday to say nevermind, something came up on Thursday, can I please come on Tuesday. This sort of killed my thoughts that it would be a surprise shower, because you obviously don’t just change the date days before.

Yeah… it was a surprise shower. lol
Turns out my mom actually wrote down the wrong date, so she told me the wrong date. I guess it’s a good thing that she did because that meant I actually was surprised when I walked down the hall to her class and see in the kitchen a “It’s a boy!” banner, cupcakes, and a basket of presents.

38 Weeks
(yes I am aware I have a dirty bathroom mirror.)

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