Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday

work in progress #1.

I am aware that I need to quit dragging my feet and get that baby blanket done before Mason arrives. You can find the pattern and yarns listed here.

work in progress #2.

Mr. Mason Spencer.
39 weeks in utero today. Other than his usually silliness when it came to trying to get his heartbeat – he moves, literally shifts my whole stomach, every time they put the wand on me, there is nothing to report. At all. Nada. I haven’t even put on weight.

Oh and totally forgot about Wordless Wednesday…
My two favorite pictures from today’s beautiful spring day.
DSCN8752 copy 4

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Red heart


  1. Wow!! The Baby Belly pic doesn't even look real??!! Great shot!! And LOVE the last photo - love the pinks/purples against the greenish grasses! What a great shot!

  2. Perfect round belly, love it!

  3. Zowie! What a great belly shot! And of course I am loving your black and white. Good luck with your WIP projects!

  4. That belly shot is my absolute favorite!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and linking up last week. Sorry for popping by so late. I'm still playing catch up! Have a great day! :)