Monday, March 5, 2012

Interrupting Bella Moments In My…

*hold on please, I need to go put Bella on the potty*
^That is the most common thing heard in my house these days.

Our lives have been submerged in the underground world of potty on and off since Bella turned two. My daughter is stubborn. She knows what to do… she just doesn’t want to do it. Then it happened. Bella started going to Parents Day Out on a regular basis and all the sudden going potty became a goal for us all. As it stands now Bella is the only girl in her class who still wears pull-ups all day. So Bella, John, and I came to an agreement, that has to change. Now we’re really pushing potty training, and it’s finally seeming to be going really – and consistently – good.


The rest of this post will have to be put on hold so I can go put her on the potty again.

(I will admit that this is being heavily influenced also by my fierce unwillingness of having two children whose bottoms I have to change several times a day.)

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