Saturday, September 7, 2013

New Releases–September 7th


This week I got so many pages done. Seriously. The image shows seven but… I got NINE done, and that’s not counting the five weeks of Project Life pages I did. But honestly there were so many amazing products to work this week that it was so easy to get swept away and lose so much time in Photoshop. Make sure you stop by Sweet Shoppe and check out this week’s new releases to see the ones that I didn’t get around to using.

Now, I have so many pages that there’s no way I could properly devote a ton of time to describing and showing each full sized preview, so that will be a little condensed this week.

These first two are using Krystal Hartley’s new Mixed Media Mashups 7 and Mixed Media Mashups 8. (You can find all of her MMM sets here.)




Next is Beauty in Everything, a new to Sweet Shoppe kit by Meghan Mullens, and a new template set, Sequentials 5 to 8: Set 4, by Cindy Schneider.




Then we have Juliana Kneipp’s new to Sweet Shoppe kit The Woman in the Mirror, and Julie Billingsley’s new kit Captured: Giggles. (You can find the boy version, Captured: Smirk, here.)




Following this we have two sets of collaborations; Splendiferous by Jenn Barrette and Studio Basic, and Days of the Week: Saturday by Mari Koegelenberg and Sugarplum Paperie. (the other Days of the Week kits are linked in last week’s post)




Lets take a moment to gush on the goldness that is the Saturday kit. I love yellow and gold kits. I mean, I’m not big on monochromatic anything, but yellow and gold kits are a weakness for me. That page also features the new template Single 24: I Heart U 4 by Cindy Schneider.

Wrapping this all up in a new collaboration by Traci Reed and Krisitin Cronin-Barrow called Seasons Change. It’s also using a template, but I want to speak a little more on that in a moment.


You will note that that page is not in my usual 12x12 format. It’s because I used one of Nettio Designs’ new templates from her Life Captured: 8x10 Photo Book Templates. Since Ali Edward’s Week in the Life is starting back up on Monday, Lynette (Nettio) put together this amazing template set to get you a book done for the whole week.


A little more information, directly from the product:

Looking for an easy way to capture a week in your everyday life? Then these Life Captured: 8x10 Photo Book Templates from Nettio Designs are for you! These clean & modern photo book templates include everything you need to design your own 52-page, Blurb-ready Standard Portrait Hardcover Image Wrap photo book.
For printing through Blurb, no resizing necessary. Just add your photos & text, crop your two-page templates to individual pages, upload to Blurb and print! No need to worry about bleed or trim as all templates have been sized to Blurb's official specifications.
Included in the Life Captured: 8x10 Photo Book Templates are 29 layered Photoshop page templates including:
21 Two-Page (15.754 x 10 inches) Monday-Sunday Templates. Each day includes three two-page templates for a total of 6 pages per day.
4 Two-Page (15.754 x 10 inches) Highlights Templates for capturing an overview of your week, including This Week In Fashion, Tech and Home Design.
2 Single-Page (7.877 x 10 inches) Intro and End Page Templates
2 Single-Page (8.433 x 10.267 inches) Front & Back Cover Templates

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