Monday, November 26, 2012

ohmuhgoodness! it’s finally done!

I only spent 12 hours working on it Saturday, not counting all the unknown hours over the past few weeks thinking up set ups, trying to take group pictures, starting and rejecting ideas. Seriously. I spend way too much time every year on these stupid things.

*drum roll please*
Now, allow me to introduce our 2012 Christmas Card!

christmas card - life as their mom

You can find the picture that I used of the kidlets here. Yes, I did cheat and I drew Mason smiling instead of in the middle of a fit. Told you I’d learn to cope with that picture. And this card is also rocking my very own handwriting! The neat version of it too! See here’s the original of it:

christmas card 2- life as their mom

I like it enough that I’m thinking of doing one out of a compilation of our attempts at a family picture. We try for one every Thanksgiving and every Easter. They’re always a fail, but at least they’re a cute fail. The kids have some awesome expressions in them this year… just none all together, so I think a silly drawing of it for my room would be perfect.

I’ve been asked several times now how I did the drawing, and how I’ve been doing my handwriting (which is also on show here and here). Well… it’s all tracing. I open the picture in ArtRage, and then I use the Ink Pen tool with the smoothing set to 30-40%. That way it cleans up all my lines as I go. When I first bought the program was one of my failed attempt at designing digital scrapbooking kits and when I quit I figured, well, at least it didn’t cost that much. I use it now all the time for drawing (like the stuff here) and for writing. I also do the coloring in on that program also. I use a combination of all the different tools for that. I don’t trace for all of my drawing, my Christmas Card was only the second time I’d ever tried drawing that way.

Anyway, that’s our Christmas Card, and I’m linking it up to The Paper Mama’s 2012 Holiday Photo Contest.

Now, I need to get back to catching up to my creative team work, and finishing up the templates for December.

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