Monday, November 12, 2012

Howdy ho, November!

Things have been so crazy. The dump of things bothering me last time did help a lot, however, like I said, things have been not quite normal in these here parts.

my poor sick boy-child

For starters, from the week of Halloween until last week Zach was sick. Turned out he had a sinus infection and a really bad ear infection, and to make it even better, he has apparently developed an immunity to the antibiotics that we found that finally worked on him (he stayed on antibiotics for one thing or another up until about the age of three) so we spent several days wasting time on something not working. Most days during this time we were lucky to get his fever down to 100. And Zach is the most annoying sick child ever. He’s like a combination of 4 year old hyper boy and pre-pubescent PMS-ing girl child. I was so glad to see him go back to school last Friday.

However, I did get a somewhat great group shot at the end of last month of all four kidlets. Of course my always happy smiley baby is always crying screaming baby in group pictures. I have made my peace with this – ok… not really, but I’ll live.


I did get a great rare shot of the three bigs at play together.


Yes, this post is a bit of a photo dump – you will make peace with this like how I’m making peace with Mason’s crying group picture self.

I made, earlier this year in like the beginning of summer, to get more pictures of me. I kinda got used to there being more pictures of me when I did my tummy pictures weekly while pregnant with Mason, and honestly, I kind of like it. Yeah I take them in front of my bathroom mirror like a teeny-bopper girl getting a Facebook photo, you can shut up.


And yes, I am also trying to use black and white more. In case you didn’t know – I hate my photos in black and white. I think other people have lovely black and white photos, mine look like a gray nasty mess in my mind.

The obligatory cute Bella photo:


That shirt she is wearing – cutest freaking spending of $3 ever. Thank you consignment stores.

I’ve also been working on mastering low light pictures on my camera. I’m determined to get this down. I’ve had this camera three years now and while I do desperately want the Nikon 1, I really do also love my camera, and I know John really desperately does not want to buy me a new one. So, I’m trying. My flash sucks. Really, really sucks. That means I try never to use it, which leads to many missed or messed up low light photo opportunities. Thankfully my children are great sports at letting me practice with them.


Now, these three are from Saturday.
First, you get Bella posing Mason. She loves to take pictures with our kid camera. It’s so cute. You see her posing him, and you see the picture she just got of him. After is the self-portrait she took with my camera with Mason – another thing she loves to do. This is a rare awesome one. John wants it printed and framed and hung in our room. Lastly, one I took, my boy is trying to master standing on his own. He can do it for a few seconds, and he spends most of his time standing with one hand just barely resting on a surface.


Lastly, (no pictures included) if you’ve been wondering about the monthly free template, you can find last month’s – and soon this month’s – over at The My Scrapbook Art blog where I now host monthly template challenges. Hopefully next month I’ll have the time to make up two so I can have one for here and there.

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