Monday, April 30, 2012

Bella+Mason, Scrapbooking, and iNSD

I’ve got an interview with Bella to share and Mason’s 5 week picture… but you got to make it through the post first.

Oh man I’m going to be busy, busy, busy at my computer this week! International Scrapbooking Day (iNSD) is coming up this weekend and the people I work with are all releasing a ton. And to make it even better… The Lilypad’s May BYOC is also releasing this weekend!!! I’ve already got three pages for this weekend’s releases and I’m nowhere near done yet.

Tomorrow night I’ll be making my come back to The Lilypad’s Speed Scraps. Here’s the info on it, you know, in case you feel like stopping by.

Now here are some of my newest pages:
(as always – click for credits)

Here’s a video interview with Bella. Don’t worry her answers and subtitled. lol I know not everyone understands her as well as we do.

And Mason’s 5 week Monster Puppy picture.

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