Tuesday, May 1, 2012

“Hey baby…”


“Hey baby, did you use Kindle last night or this morning and then put it back on my bedside table?”

“No. I fell asleep last night and you were using it. Didn’t see it this morning.”

“OK, cause it was dead and Angry Birds was open when I picked it up this morning.”


“Yup. lol”

“Ryan was the only one up and awake this morning.”

“Yeah I already figured it was him. lol Just figured I should make sure you didn’t feel a raging desire to play Angry Birds last night.”

“I got hot and heavy last night and that was the only thing that would fix it… weeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

(text conversation between John and I this morning – I start it with “Hey baby”)

1 comment:

  1. My 2 year old is in love with angry birds, and he cant quite say it right and it sounds like he is saying octopus lol