Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Day in gDiapers


John and I have been going back and forth on the whole cloth diapering thing since I got pregnant with Bella – so since late 2008. We think maybe we’d like, then again, we freaking hate doing laundry. It is seriously the most despised chore in our house, and with all the laundry we already do why would we want to add more to it? Then again… we like having money and oh holy mother… maybe we just forgot… but two kids in diapers/pull-ups… not cheap. On the weeks where it falls that we need to buy both Mason’s diapers and Bella’s pull-ups, that’s like an almost extra $20. Anyway, you can see why when I ended up pregnant with Mason we considered even more seriously the option of using cloth.

After reading around on the internet, talking to friends who use cloth, and discussing it between ourselves, John and I decided we really liked the whole hybrid diaper idea. Not just for the whole flushable inserts part either – doing just that would actually end up costing us more – but because of the being able to switch between the disposable and cloth inserts. This way we could do cloth the majority of the time, but when Mason goes to work with me or we go out for the day we can use the disposable inserts and not have to carry around the soiled cloth ones.

The problem inherent with this however was that, well, these suckers are freaking expensive!

Yeah, yeah. They end up paying for themselves in the long run – which is the goal for us, but when you live on a tight budget getting together the $100+ for a starter set is a little tough. Throw in that we really did not want to spend that kind of money on something we couldn’t guarantee that we’d like or have success with…. yeah, not happening. Many of my friends knew that we’d been looking into this and were seriously considering it and that our only hold back was just the cost. Well, one of my longtime mommy friends from JustMommies helped us out. When I was still pregnant with Mason she sent us two gDiapers, the inner liners to go with them, and some disposable liners.

Today I finally broke them out to try them.

The gDiapers she sent were mediums which are for 13 – 28 pounds. I had actually been considering picking up one or two smaller ones also to try with, but when Mason came out at almost 10 pounds we decided just to wait for him to grow into the mediums before giving them a go. At just around 13 pounds the medium was already a good fit. I was thinking it might be a bit loose around the legs or that I’d have to do the sides as tight as I could, but nope, it did good.

He was in it from about 7 am until roughly 10 pm, and in that time we went through 4 disposable pads. I wanted to go a little longer between changes than I normally would so that I could see how they did holding in the massive amounts of pee my boy produces. They did really well. He had no leaks (you can’t tell in the picture, but he was in a romper today so leaks would have been noticeable), which is amazing since usually just going three hours between changes with disposables and his huge amounts of pee have soaked through the diaper. So that alone has me extremely pleased. He didn’t have any major poops today though, so I have no idea how the hold up on that will be. And the other big plus to me, my boy who has gotten rashes from every other disposable we’ve tried had a clear not hurting bottom all day. Normally I’d have to lather his butt in bottom medicine for that. The only real downside I had with them was that it was hard to find an outfit to put him in that fit over the diaper, but then the 0-3 month is rather snug on him now anyway, so I imagine when I break down and move him to 3-6 month that shouldn’t be an issue.

I really did like these, and I was actually prepared to be a little frustrated or disappointed with them. I’d heard so many mixed and negative things about them that I felt sure I’d be glad I hadn’t invested any money in them yet. Instead by 4 pm I had already placed an order for more disposable inserts and some cloth ones. Once those come in I’ll come back with a report on how they do after a whole week of use. (I’m out of the few disposable inserts I had now. lol That’s why the wait.)

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