Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bubbles so cute they hurt.

Or is it just bubbles, cute, and hurts?
OK – it’s just bubbles, cute, and hurts. I couldn’t think up a cute post name for that though.

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan.
He has got to quit attacking the school’s playground equipment with his face. One day he will learn that his face is not the instrument to use to win a war with metal stuff. Well, at least I hope that he eventually learns this… going off my brothers I doubt it though.

It’s bubble time.
DSCN9447 copyDSCN9454 copy
I knew bubble gum in the Easter baskets wasn’t a completely bad idea.

I take no responsibility for any damage all this cuteness does to your brain.

She’s singing “La la lu” (the lullaby from Lady and the Tramp) to Mason. We pretty much heart that movie and song to bitty pieces. Actually any of you who follow my scrapbooking should recognize the song since I’ve actually used it on a few pages.

Now a bit more cuteness…

Tomorrow I’m off to the zoo! Ryan’s class is going on a field trip and I’m going with. I’m so excited I’m ready to bust.

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