Monday, April 2, 2012

Scrapbooking with Mason

Yup, I’m already back to my scrapbooking… and I get this a lot:

“wow that you are scrapping already!”

(real quote found here)

It doesn’t seem to impressive to me. With Bella I made my first page either the day I got home or the day after. This time it wasn’t until a few days after I got home. See, Mason spends a lot of his time either like this, or like this – but also latched on to the boob.

Meaning, he spends most of his day laying across my chest, and well, he can do it just as well while I’m in my desk chair as he can with me sitting anywhere else. To top it off, I mastered scrapbooking one handed back when I had Bella, and after a few slow moving days of starting it back up, I’ve gotten mostly in the swing of it again. If I didn’t do this I wouldn’t be doing too much else – I’m trying to get the boy used to sleeping consistently in his bassinet (*cough*that is next to my desk*cough*) but it’s still hit and miss – so I spend 90% of my time holding Mason. I might as well spend all that sitting time doing something I enjoy.

Here’s what all I’ve gotten done since having Mason:
masonbirthannouncement copy
(Mason’s birth announcement – I used To The Moon and Back by Traci Reed – all the other pages will be linked to their credits, I just wanted to make sure my last name doesn’t make it over.)


(Plus a few other pages I can’t share with you yet. lol)

It’s wonderful to be able to sit and do something I enjoy so much again. By the last trimester of my pregnancy Mason was so big and I was so uncomfortable that sitting at my desk for any sort of time was just not working, so my scrapping time took a huge hit. I must say that I’m just loving being able to sit and scrap again, even if I am doing it half my normal speed, one handed, and nursing.

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