Friday, April 27, 2012

Quick, quick! It’s catch up time!

Ryan’s field trip to the zoo… we went to the Memphis Zoo on April 13th with his class. It is one of our absolute favorite places to go. I’ve yet to go to any other zoo that I like as much. Plus, now through July we have DINOSAURS! (Score.) Ryan and I had a blast going through the exhibit. The dinosaurs move, roar, and the dying one being eaten by T-Rex actually breathed. It was so freaking cool.
kfredricks_BIG_2 copy

Bella’s birthday party… We had Bella’s 3rd birthday party on April 22nd. She only invited 5 little girls from her PDO class (plus some of their siblings) but only two girls and their family could come. But that was ok. Just with those two girls – plus their siblings and the boys and my mom’s neighbor Jared – we had 8 kids for her to celebrate with. No games because I’m lazy and hate party games, but we did bring over all of our dress up clothes (hers and the boys’) and they did that and played. She had dark purple cupcakes with light pink icing, and her big surprise present was what she’s been begging for – her own purple bike and helmet.

Zach had Cub Scouts Space Derby last weekend. Him and John thought they would be super creative and make a pencil ship. Apparently they should have checked with every one else because there were like 7 other “really creative” pencil ships. Zach’s was the fastest of them though. (They did a special pencils only race…)

And I’ll break my rules and do more than one post today. I’ll be back in a bit with a post on Mason and Bella’s check ups (1 month and 3 year) and some new pictures.

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