Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It’s kinda like Ramona’s paper shoe

Only not quite as funny, real-life, and a tad pathetic.


I believe most people are familiar with the Ramona books, right? I mean if you aren’t you have been seriously deprived, but we won’t get into that now. In one of them ((I want to say it’s Ramona the Pest)) Ramona decides to go and play in a mud puddle on her way to school. Unfortunately for Ramona her rain boot got stuck in the mud and Henry had to come to the rescue and pull her out of the mud… but her boot got left behind. Instead of admitting to doing something she wasn’t supposed to do she went and made herself a shoe out of paper towels and a stapler for her to wear around school for the day.

It’s a very funny little bit to the book and was one of the boys favorite parts of the book.

In real life having one of your kids come home in a shoe that isn’t exactly like the shoe you sent them to school in is not quite so funny.

This morning Ryan left the house with two whole shoes. This afternoon Ryan came home with one whole shoe and one shoe in three pieces with two pieces being held together by tape and the other in his back pack. What did he do to his shoe? Well see I just don’t know, and apparently he doesn’t know either. I mean the shoe was only on his foot, he can’t be expected to keep up with the happenings of the shoes on his feet. I just know he split the bottom of the shoe into two separate layers no longer attached to the top of the shoe. Why the school didn’t just call home and have me bring him different shoes I don’t know. I don’t think his teacher even let the office know. She sent a note home saying she didn’t know what happened either, only that Ryan came up to her with the top still tied on to his foot and handed her the two bottom pieces so she taped them back together as best as possible.

Since this is the second pair of shoes that Ryan has destroyed (not outgrown) this year John and I are not quite amused. As a matter of fact, John is rather put out with his middle son at the moment…

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