Saturday, April 27, 2013

gDiapers… Take Two

gdiapers take two 1 - life as their mom

I started my cloth diaper journey with gDiapers, and then moved on to other styles. I was having some issues with getting a good fit on Mason, plus I had started getting an influx of pockets and fitteds from friends, all this led to me writing off the gDiapers. Now don’t get me wrong. I was pretty sure the issues I was having were pretty much my fault. At the time I had two gDiaper covers and that was it. Those suckers took a beating – washing everyday and probably not in the most conducive manner to keeping them going as I was just starting out. The velcro was getting unsticky, and rolling, and digging in to Mason’s back, especially when in his car seat. While I decided not to use what we had anymore, I hadn’t fully given up on gDiapers and had been following them on Facebook and debating trying them again (along with several brands I haven’t yet tried) when our tax refund comes in.

Thanks to a reason I’ll be mentioning in a later post, I was gifted with a $50 gift certificate to I decided since Mason’s been growing and all his diaper fits have needed adjusting since he started walking (and since the boy has mastered undoing snaps and velcro…) that now would be the perfect time to try them again. I went in with the mindset that I really hoped they would work for us, because I really am digging the whole velcro being where Mason can’t reach it idea. Also, I’ve been moving away from pocket diapers during the day, and I knew from past experience that Mason’s fitteds, other inserts, and prefolds all work well with the gDiaper covers (known as the gPants).

gdiapers take two 2 - life as their mom

I took my $50 gift certificate and bought two covers (genius blue and taupe) and some of their cloth liners. (more on liners at the end of the post). I got the email Thursday that it was all shipping and the package arrived yesterday morning. I quickly ran the covers through a wash and slapped one on Mason’s bottom just in time for his nap.

The blue cover did awesome all of yesterday during the day and evening. No leaks through naptime. No leaks or irritation through the long car seat ride to pick John up from work, or going to the bank, or going grocery shopping (meaning he was in that cover/fitted combo for roughly 4.5/5 hours – some of our pockets can’t cut it for the Friday craziness). It did not however make it dry all night – BUT – that one might not be the covers fault.

Over the time that we have been using cloth diapers I have found that Mason requires a very specific insert setup and type at night. It wasn’t until I was getting Mason set up for bed last night that I realized all of Mason’s bedtime inserts were in the dirty diapers that I forgot to wash that day. In all likelihood, a wet diaper failure was pretty much guaranteed. I plan to try the gDiapers again tonight with his nighttime inserts.

This morning I put Mason in the second cover, this time with just a prefold inside (as opposed to yesterday at nap and while out I used a fitted and insert) and it lasted great all morning, and he’s still in it – not with a prefold – right now while he is napping.

All together – I think I’m definitely liking the covers again, and so long as Mason doesn’t figure out how to take these off, I’ll be getting more (I love their colors!). Nighttime success or failure won’t really change my mind seeing as how I have the Sunbabies for nighttime use, and as it took forever to find out what actually would work on him overnight, I’m not really looking to change that.

Cloth liners – I can’t really give a good review on those since he hasn’t actually gone poo yet.

I was in no way asked or given anything for this review. I just figured since they were doing so well that I’d come on here and tell that my opinion on them has improved.

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