Tuesday, April 30, 2013

There are things worse than being creatively blocked.

Like cancer. Children starving in Africa. Inspirational kitty posters.

But having a desire to make scrapbook pages, but not liking them, that just sucks. I mean what kind of cruelness brings that? It’s one thing to lose you mojo – your want or inspiration. To just stare blindly at Photoshop (or actual paper if you swing that way) and think “Dang, I got nothing.” But, to have an idea, a page setup that you can see in your mind from start to finish, then to get half way into it and just stop, look at it, and go “eh… no,” who allows that?! Everything lately I feel like I just have to finish because I started the page. Generally, in the past, if I don’t like a direction a page is going in I just plow on and keep removing and adding things, and in the end I look at the page and think “Way to go, you showed that page who the boss is.

Now, nope. My pages are looking me in the face and going “B****, please.” They’re lacking that spark, that little bit of me that takes a messy page from just mess to art. It’s been like this for about a week now.

I thought I had the problem in hand. When I first brought up the issue (after refusing to own up to it for several days) I later went on to create two pages that I really liked. Loved even. Speed scraps and time limits (like say getting a page done in time to still have time to get the speed scrap page done on time) always work well for me.


But here I sit once again, the victim in this senseless crime. The freaking week before International Scrapbooking Day and I got NOTHING. I’m told to step away, take a break, take pictures, use templates, and such; but how can I do that when I am so full of all of these ideas? *sigh* The unfairness of this all is killing me.

Now I guess I’ll just have to get back to working on my gift for the blog on iNSD.

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