Sunday, April 7, 2013

Giving orders like a (Mommy) boss.

… and they were followed which was freaking EPIC.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… my orders should always be followed, in reality they’re only followed 75% of the time and only 10% if John is home. In defense of my children, I don’t just order them about a whole ton. Generally I ask and then bribe because I don’t like arguing or explaining over and over. So nine times out of ten I say something like “Hey dude, if you will clean up the living I will give you some ice cream after dinner. Deal?” My kids are super easy and susceptible to bribes. Or I ask, they say no or ignore me, I pick up child, stick in a bedroom, and then announce they can’t come out. That works well for me, too.


Saturday night I proclaimed (screw announcing) that after breakfast the kidlets had to clean their rooms. This was met with much whining and arguing, but I ignored it and laid down the mommy-law – do it or I will beat you. So… I would never actually beat them, but I was angry, I just stepped on like two toys in Ryan and Bella’s room, and then I stepped on a ----------- lego in Zach’s, I was angry enough that I think they thought I would. Then John came in all nice-guy and told them blah-blah-wouldn’t they like to find their stuff-blah-blah-we can finally move rooms around if they’re clean-blah-blah-if you don’t do it you’ll be grounded and stuff-blah-blah. I still want to claim credit for this.

Kids woke this morning, ate, and then proceeded to lounge on the couch. I then proceeded to march in front of the couch, turn off the tv, pointed to the back of the house, and said “Yo! Rooms! I told you we were getting this done TODAY.” AND THEY DID IT.

*mind blown*

About dinner time, after John and Zach got back from taking Bella to my mom’s, I called John, Zach, Ryan, (and Mason) into the living room and announced that I was going to take a bath and that one or more of them could clean up the kitchen, and that when they were done I would get out of the bath and make them dinner. AND THEY DID IT.

I am the boss. I should totally order my husband and kids about more often. Stuff gets done.

In a completely unrelated note… I did this tonight, instead of doing anything even remotely productive, to celebrate Mason and I reaching the one year breastfeeding milestone.

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