Friday, April 5, 2013

Currently obsessing over…

Well, I have been currently obsessing over the fact that I haven’t posted in, ohhhh, close to 3 weeks. I didn’t even post about Mason’s birthday (*sob*), Ryan’s field trip, our family trip to the zoo, or Easter. I hate when I go more than a week between posts because I feel like I have to catch up on everything that has happened, but I hate doing that. (*obviously, lol*)

Anyway, consider this you catch up obsession style.
(you have to say that quickly with a elegant lady voice like uhb-sess-shun)

I’m obsessed with….

the fact that Mason is ONE.
DSCN0563 copy
and walking.
DSCN7224 copy

the way Ryan woke up one morning and decided that he needed a mohawk… but he’s on a picture strike at the moment… not sure why.
DSCN9926 copy

the way that Zach, however, is not only wanting his picture taken, he POSES for them.
DSCN7154 copy
and Lord have mercy, he’s getting so freaking BIG! (*sob*)
DSCN0148 copy

the way I’m always obsessed with Bella, life is good when you’re the only daughter.
DSCN7023 copy
and the way you can definitely tell she has three brothers.
DSCN0006-2 copy

this failed attempt at a family picture.
DSCN7080 copy

and this picture of the three bigs with John.
DSCN0179 copy

(Oh, and did you know… the 28th marked 10 years that we’ve been together!?)

and with this last picture of Ryan.
DSCN0385 copy

I’m also obsessing over this book. I was so sad for the end of the series, but this book is awesome. Was definitely worth obsessing over waiting for it to come out.

And I’m obsessing over these songs. Seriously, listen to them, you will love them.

And that’s all I have for you!

(Well, for now. I’ll actually be back later today for a little scrapbooking related junk)

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