Saturday, June 1, 2013

What is Project Life?

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Project Life is this scrapbooking thing that’s been going on for several years now. I can’t be positive, but I think maybe it was started by Becky Higgens and made super popular over the past few years by Ali Edwards. But please, don’t quote me on that or bash me if I’m wrong. (I recommend checking out the Becky link to find out more information on it.)

My thing –over the past three years – that I have had against PL is that, well, I sucked at it. I’d started it every year since 2010 and just failed at it each time. When everyone was talking about planning for it and stuff for this year I was all “No! Not even trying this year.” Then Traci Reed and Julie Billingsley had to go and make PL stuff that I kinda had to use… and I got sucked into PL unwillingly. Now I’ve been sucked into it more to prove that I can keep up the commitment of doing it.

As I mention in the video I am constantly behind on it. Like this week I just completed weeks 15 – 17, and well, we're kinda on week 21 or 22 now so… yeah.

plmusingsb - life as their mom

I think one of the main things keeping me sane and going this year are these template sets by Traci Reed and Julie Billingsley



If you want to follow more up-to-date with my Project Life you can either follow my Project Life Pinterest board, or you can follow my Project Life Flickr set.

Next time I’ll go over more on products I use and how I keep all my pages cohesive without using one main kit.

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