Monday, June 24, 2013

Just call me Eeyore.

bad days - life as their momI feel like everyday lately has just been bad, and I’m getting just so, so, so tired of it. I'm not depressed, so no worries there. It just seems sort of like life is just ganging up against us.

It seems like every time that we make a step or two into improving things in our life a few new things pop up. They might not be big things, but when they jump out all together at us it just seems like so much. And it makes staying happy and positive so hard sometimes.

I know I seem to only be posting woe-is-me stuff lately, but I’ve just been feeling all woe-is-me lately, so I can’t help it. But I promise tomorrow will just be happy. I have some mighty cute, sweet, and funny zoo pictures to share.

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