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Our morning in earthLINGZ diapers

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First off, let me say that I wasn’t given this diaper to review. Heck, I didn’t even buy it to review it. I bought it because I wanted it. I’m reviewing it because I just feel like I have to share my thoughts on it. Oh and trust me, I have thoughts.

A little about earthLINGZ (pulled right from their Facebook page)

earthLINGZ Cloth Diapers are a new breed of cloth diaper... The world's first ALL Fleece Hybrid Ai2! We strive to provide the world with an all around better solution to diapering. Our one size fits all diapers are 100% reusable, affordable, and fashion forward! We combine snuggly soft polyester fleece with soft and eco friendly organic hemp fleece to make for the ultimate in dryness protection, and absorbing power, all while keeping bulky-ness to a minimum.

Not sold on them yet? Well, lets look at a little more from them:

While the breathable fleece shells are naturally water resistant, they are not 100% waterproof and over saturation of the soaker may result in compression leaks, therefor it is recommended to use a waterproof cover over your earthLINGZ for long trips.
We have had many testimonials of babies being able to wear their earthLINGZ underneath clothing, and staying dry as long as the diaper is not left unchecked for more than a couple hours. Your baby can wear an earthLINGZ Hemp Fleece Fitted diaper for anywhere from 2 to 4 hours before it starts to feel damp on the outside, or however long it takes for your baby to saturate the soaker.

A little not mentioned – the brains behind these diapers is Terra. I “met” Terra several years back on the parenting site JustMommies and have stayed in touch with her and followed along the creating and building of earthLINGZ diapers. Ever since we decided that we would use cloth diapers on Mason I knew that I would have to get one of her diapers – if for no other reason than they are cute and I wanna show a little support to a work-at-home momma company, especially since I know the momma.

DSCN9022 copy
Mason this morning in his rocking new earthLINGZ diaper in Travis

We recently had a little extra money so I decided that now is the time – and there was an adorable diaper in some colors I love – so a diaper was bought. Then the diaper arrived and I was conflicted. I love supporting my friends, but I’m always nervous when I get what I buy from them because, well, what if I don’t like it?!

I can say, with no reservations, that I absolutely LOVED this diaper.

First off, it is like totally soft and squishy, even more so since I prepped it. And the fit is so awesome and trim. Mason was not doing the old west cowboy walk.

I put Mason in the diaper right after he woke up and then 2 hours later it still felt good so (to be safe) I slapped a cover on it and then laid Mason down for his nap. Mason decided today would be a good day to really test out the diaper and he slept for three hours. When I heard him wake up I was a little nervous. I mean, he’d been in this diaper a while now, and it never fails, when he takes a long nap like that he pees a lot. Like a gallon – no lie. (OK, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration)

Amazingly – the outside of the cover was still totally dry, even the inside of the cover was dry! The actual diaper was damp on the outside, but it took me pressing hard on it to feel it. But even most importantly – his actual bottom was totally dry.

I’d say the only downside that will keep me from going and buying like 10-12 of these to make a full stash is the cost. At $25/each I can’t really go out and just buy them all up. But I’d say this diaper is 1000% worth the cost, and when I get a little more extra I really think I’ll be buying some more.

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