Friday, June 14, 2013

*big sigh*

DSCN9109 copyToday is slumber party day and all I can think is “Thank God, we told him 3 kids only.”

This slumber party is kind of a big deal for us. For starters, it’s our first ever slumber party. Most importantly, we’ve never had the boys’ friends over before. No, there was one boy who just randomly showed up a few times, but that was years ago and less than a handful of times.

I keep telling Zach he better enjoy this because this may be the ONLY time this happens.

We aren’t dirty messy people, we’re cluttery people. I make piles. The boys make piles. Bella and Mason make messes. Cleaning happens, but the house is never like, company worthy. I could be just going hard on us seeing as how I was raised by a person who flipped out over cups on the counter and an un-vacuumed floor. Zach and I have been cleaning and cleaning all week, and Bella and Ryan keep going behind us and messing it all up over and over again. This stress? Yeah… thus the whole this may be the only time this happens.

Before the party I still have to:

  • vacuum and sweep all the floors
  • make sure kitchen stays cleaned
  • make sure playroom and sleep-room stay clean
  • wash the kids’ mountain of clothes
  • fold the mountain of clothes
  • get kids to put away folded clothes
  • wash diapers
  • put diapers back together
  • clean the bathroom
  • make sure all the piles have been cleaned up and not just moved
  • dust
  • clean my computer area

Oh and you know… make and decorate some sort of cake.

And I need to do all of this in the next 7 hours, but here I am sitting at the computer because I hurt my arm yesterday and pain shoots through it every time I move it more than just a tiny bit, I have a headache, and Bella, Ryan, and Mason have already destroyed two more rooms since waking and have been fighting all morning again. Oh and my mom, who was supposed to be getting the middle two at noon to make getting ready easier, has apparently let my step-dad take her car with him to work, and John has my van, so I don’t know how that’s going to work out.

Can’t I just go back to bed and call this day a bust?

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  1. I can sympathize. I also feel our house is never company ready, it's clean, but there is just so much stuff. Laundry is never ending!

    I hope the sleepover goes well. I am sure the kids won't mind the mess. Although I am pretty sure they will really want cake ;)