Sunday, January 20, 2013

*gasp* It’s Sunday!?

What with Mason on the antibiotics for his little case of pneumonia we had no plans for going to church today so I guess it’s no real surprise that it all the sudden just dawned on me that today is Sunday and that it is time for the next free gift!

It’s a set of doodled template journal cards (perfect for Project Life stuff). You get just the doodles if you don’t want them in card form and you get the layered editable version of them to customize them to match your pageDay 7-Life as Their Mom-Templates by TrishPREVEIW

I used them here:

( --->Click here to download<--- )

And just some of my pages from this week:

I actually made a total of… ELEVEN PAGES this week. Crazy, right?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 6 Free Gift!

Day 6-Life as Their Mom-Templates by TrishPREVEIW

I have really enjoyed this one! I’ve actually used it on a few of my pages since I finished it, including this one:


--->You can download the alpha here<---

In other news… Mason has pneumonia. *sigh* We took him in for x-rays on his heart and lungs because he makes odd grunting noises and has slight catches while breathing and the x-rays show that he has the beginnings of pneumonia. This means that we have to re-do the x-rays again in about a month after he gets an all clear from his doctor. (Because these noises with his breathing have been there since he was born, they just got worse recently, which his doctor says is probably due to the pneumonia.)

And I’ll wrap this up with this.


It’s my new personal Facebook cover that is this page rearranged. I love the page too, but I’ve already shared it all over everywhere. lol

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 5

Sorry for the post coming up late, but I had to be in the city for a good chunk of today.

Here’s today’s free gift:

Day 5-Life as Their Mom-Templates by TrishPREVEIW
--->Click to download<---

Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 4 Free Gift!

I can’t possibly begin to tell you how ready I am to be done with the whole free gifts deal. lol

First I was scrambling to get the gifts done in time for each posting, because ya’ know, I didn’t actually plan this out to well and get them all done before it all started… Then, I was stressed because I had no internet so there was no way I could get the free gifts all up before Christmas. I mean did I even want to continue it? Wouldn’t it be kinda silly once I finally got the internet back and all the Christmas season was over? But I kept plug-plug-plugging away working on the free gifts even though I wouldn’t be able to get them up on the blog on time. I decided that it didn’t matter if I couldn’t get the gifts up in time. I had gotten so many new views of the blog and people following the blog on Facebook, and it was all because of the other free gifts. I sort of felt I owed it to them all to follow through on the gifts.

Today’s gift is another template, and I do hope you all enjoy it.

Day 4-Life as Their Mom-Templates by TrishPREVEIW


You can see the template in action here: First Crush | My Scrapbook Art

If you do follow me on Facebook you probably already saw this, but if not here are previews and a schedule of the other gifts coming this week.

coming up

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Scrapbooking

It’s too much to go back and update from when my internet first went out (I still used my mother’s computer to download the products I needed to work with) but here are my three favorites from during that time away.

(credits: 2 Generations of Sassy)

(credits: there is a fish)

(credits: 26 thoughts)

Totally by the way… did you know that my birthday was on the 7th? Yup, it was, I am now 26.

And now my pages for this week!

Traci (who happens to be guesting at The Lilypad this month!) had… um, four releases this week. A brush/doodle set, an AWESOME alpha, and two collaborations.
(Credits: on his seventh)
(Credits: Seven) Oh! Ryan’s birthday was on the 10th. My sweet angel is now, shocker, 7.
(Credits: sink bath)

And Darcy had these oh-so-cute sets. The font is a dingbat or you can get it in brush form. I used them up scattered around the background on the seven layout.

That’s it for this week’s pages! Well, I mean, there are like, more, but this is long enough and I need to get this done in enough time to still have it count as Saturday so I don’t end up with two posts on Sunday.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Hey, we’re back on.


So. I did a nice little vanishing act, didn’t I?

If you keep up with the blog on Facebook you hopefully saw on Christmas Eve the little announcement that I put out. John and I had a decision to make in mid-December. We could either pay the internet/cable bill, which lets be honest – right then we really didn’t even have the money for it anyway, or we could use that money to buy Christmas presents. See those cute faces up there? They scream “Buy me stuff!” It wasn’t even something we had to think twice on. John’s checks weren’t really even enough for us to just live on, let alone do cable/internet, AND Christmas. Thankfully, Santa did appear, and our family was just blessed all around. Never let anyone tell you that there is no such thing as Santa, because he is, and we got a good ol’ Christmas miracle up in my house.

You might remember that about the same time our internet died I also lost my job. Our PDO program was done, and even though my check wasn’t much it was a steady amount that we had to count on every week. And if you have ever had the main bulk of your family’s income be based on a commission check you know how nice it is even to have a small sum you can count on every week. We sorely, sorely, missed that steady little check.

Now, I don’t really know what was up with the shop John works at. I think it came down to a miscommunication or something between higher ups on the amount of work he was getting. Or I could be completely wrong about that. When John and my step-dad (they work together in different departments of the shop) got back to work after Christmas my step-dad went in and talked to the bosses and told them that something had to be done and immediately. After that John got a loan from the shop and his checks are finally back to normal.

It’s pretty amazing having someone willing to go in and fight some battles for you.

Well, we just got the internet and cable back on tonight – thank goodness!! – so I thought I would come on and update with WHY I went and did my vanishing act. For once it wasn’t just me NOT making the time and motivation to post. I’ll try to get everything back up to speed this weekend.