Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 6 Free Gift!

Day 6-Life as Their Mom-Templates by TrishPREVEIW

I have really enjoyed this one! I’ve actually used it on a few of my pages since I finished it, including this one:


--->You can download the alpha here<---

In other news… Mason has pneumonia. *sigh* We took him in for x-rays on his heart and lungs because he makes odd grunting noises and has slight catches while breathing and the x-rays show that he has the beginnings of pneumonia. This means that we have to re-do the x-rays again in about a month after he gets an all clear from his doctor. (Because these noises with his breathing have been there since he was born, they just got worse recently, which his doctor says is probably due to the pneumonia.)

And I’ll wrap this up with this.


It’s my new personal Facebook cover that is this page rearranged. I love the page too, but I’ve already shared it all over everywhere. lol