Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Scrapbooking

It’s too much to go back and update from when my internet first went out (I still used my mother’s computer to download the products I needed to work with) but here are my three favorites from during that time away.

(credits: 2 Generations of Sassy)

(credits: there is a fish)

(credits: 26 thoughts)

Totally by the way… did you know that my birthday was on the 7th? Yup, it was, I am now 26.

And now my pages for this week!

Traci (who happens to be guesting at The Lilypad this month!) had… um, four releases this week. A brush/doodle set, an AWESOME alpha, and two collaborations.
(Credits: on his seventh)
(Credits: Seven) Oh! Ryan’s birthday was on the 10th. My sweet angel is now, shocker, 7.
(Credits: sink bath)

And Darcy had these oh-so-cute sets. The font is a dingbat or you can get it in brush form. I used them up scattered around the background on the seven layout.

That’s it for this week’s pages! Well, I mean, there are like, more, but this is long enough and I need to get this done in enough time to still have it count as Saturday so I don’t end up with two posts on Sunday.

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