Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 4 Free Gift!

I can’t possibly begin to tell you how ready I am to be done with the whole free gifts deal. lol

First I was scrambling to get the gifts done in time for each posting, because ya’ know, I didn’t actually plan this out to well and get them all done before it all started… Then, I was stressed because I had no internet so there was no way I could get the free gifts all up before Christmas. I mean did I even want to continue it? Wouldn’t it be kinda silly once I finally got the internet back and all the Christmas season was over? But I kept plug-plug-plugging away working on the free gifts even though I wouldn’t be able to get them up on the blog on time. I decided that it didn’t matter if I couldn’t get the gifts up in time. I had gotten so many new views of the blog and people following the blog on Facebook, and it was all because of the other free gifts. I sort of felt I owed it to them all to follow through on the gifts.

Today’s gift is another template, and I do hope you all enjoy it.

Day 4-Life as Their Mom-Templates by TrishPREVEIW


You can see the template in action here: First Crush | My Scrapbook Art

If you do follow me on Facebook you probably already saw this, but if not here are previews and a schedule of the other gifts coming this week.

coming up

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