Monday, August 5, 2013

Big Latch On–Memphis

ZANDMBRTHERSI had big huge plans to take lots of photos Saturday at the Big Latch On, but then well, Mason had other plans.

The poor dude was just so darn tired! We woke up early so we could get everyone ready out the door on time, and the boys dropped off at my mom’s, and then make the drive in to Memphis. Plus, the event took place right smack in the middle of his nap time. All he wanted to do was nurse and go to sleep, but I kept making him wait so that he wouldn’t fall asleep and then not be nursing during the actual time he needed to be latched on. About 5 minutes before I went ahead and let him start and then he didn’t stop until like 20 minutes later – long after all the other babies were done. We did get some pictures taken of us, but I haven’t seen those or gotten them yet. Maybe if the photographer OKs it I’ll share them when I do.

worldbreastfeedingweekBLOc- life as their mom

We spent the whole rest of the day school supply and clothes shopping for the big boys since it was our tax free weekend. Total bust. Not just on the actual being able to get stuff – because it was impossible to find anything. Mason was just so tired and fussy. I had him in the ring sling at the mall. No amount of holding close, sitting and offering to nurse, singing, or cuddles was making him any less sleepy and fussy, and the mall was just too much to allow him to sleep.

Instead we went out to the van, just the two of us, for rocking and nursing, and the boy finally took a nap. A short one, but enough of one to get us through the rest of the day. Pretty positive next time I’ll just take the Moby Go since in it he faces me and it’ll be less overwhelming for him and easier for him to go to sleep.

worldbreastfeedingweekBLOb- life as their mom

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