Tuesday, August 13, 2013

World Breastfeeding Week Wrap Up

This is late because we had that whole pesky internet or electricity situation again last week, and well, electricity won. I made a tough case for the internet, then I remembered it would be useless to me without electricity to power my Wi-Fi stuff.

I mean really there isn’t too much to tell. I pushed breastfeeding down everyone’s throats so often my husband started joking about it. However, after breastfeeding 3 kids a combined 34 months my husband actually JUST that week learned that a baby latching on to a boob is called… latching on. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard him use that phrase since this month started. Also, all my posting about it to Facebook – including several pictures – made my cousin comfortable enough to breastfeed in front of my mother and I when she came by last Friday.

I got mine and Mason’s breastfeeding portrait from the Big Latch On.

I am seriously beyond in love with this picture. I wish I had one from each of the kids.

The only other Big Latch On photo we appear in. Mason’s the rebel nursing from the left when all the others were nursing from the right.


Mason and I also took a breastfeeding photo for every day of the week:


(Before you ask, I have like 3 of those white nursing tanks)

Cameras with 10 second timers are your friend. Well, and older sons who don’t really care if the picture is their mom breastfeeding their little brother. Ryan took the outside one and the couch one and Zach took the kitchen one.

And I know this technically didn’t take place during the actual week, but did you see the breastfeeding on True Blood Sunday?? John was all “I bet you’re in breastfeeding heaven, aren’t you? They just showed a baby latch on on national TV. Nipple and everything.” I told him basic channels and not cable would have been better, but it was still supremely awesome.

DSCN7289 copy

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