Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sometimes you just gotta laugh.


You just gotta laugh because sometimes life just sucks and wants to throw poo on your hair, and then it wants to rub in the poo, and then plop a little more on.

Life can be a real (insert your choice of profanity term here).

Last week was VBS ((and Zach’s birthday)). We find out Monday a bug is going around some of the kids that also go to PDO and the workers. I think “Crap.” As any mom of many will tell you, when you have more than say 2 kids, stomach bugs take for.ever. to leave your house. Yeah… no. Zach didn’t get it. Ryan didn’t get it. Bella didn’t get it. Neither did John or me.

Mason got the stomach bug.
The world can be going to hades, but when you have a sick baby you are trapped in a never ending nightmare of poop vomit-spit up-gushing nastiness and exhaustion. At least Bella had finally learned to puke in the toilet. Mason learned to puke on me.

Lets factor in this crazy-frustrating mood the big boys have been in. Bella’s clinginess and *I think* growing pains attitude and I am going nuts.

Not-kid related life-poo:
John’s has had two incredibly bad pay checks one right after another.
The overstressing and fighting and bickering between us over money.
Oh, and the who knows who is to fault over the whole insurance debacle.

Hi, my name is Trish. Would you like to trade spots with me for a week?
I just want a week to sit, read, scrap, and do absolutely freaking nothing.

To cheer myself I sit here and think snooty stupid things like:


And I have fun playing with the pictures I took of Bella playing outside yesterday with her umbrella and the sprinkler. (Cause I know how to actually DO those spiffy edits in Photoshop. lol)

They ain’t perfect, but hey I never claimed to be a photographer – just someone who can work Photoshop.

Now mind you, I don’t actually have any beef with Instagram or my friends who use it. ((Well except when they ask me what I app I use on my pictures…. or what app I used to create my scrapbook pages. – For reals. lol)) It’s fun and I’m sure a heck of a lot easier than Photoshop. I’m just perverse and playing in Photoshop makes me happy. Also, when I’m feeling “woe-is-me” I like to listen to crappy happy music, or rap, or musicals, play in Photoshop, and think of random stupid things to laugh about – like my thoughts on Instagram.

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  1. I'll admit, there is a part of me that wants to play with Instagram...and a part of me that argues against it horribly. Then again, I really do suck at Photoshop anymore. I used to be so much better :/ Also, you must message me and tell me where that awesome umbrella came from! This looks like a blast and I need to pick some kind of umbrella up for my kids to play with.