Friday, June 29, 2012

Baby steps.


So to a full time cloth diapering mommas this is probably a laughable accomplishments. They sigh a little, maybe giggle a little, and do that little indulgent smile as they pat my back. Those mommas who don’t do cloth will be like “Really? But WHY?”

Except for when Mason transfer to our bed at about midnight he has been completely and utterly in cloth since we got home from work Tuesday afternoon. And I’ve been keeping count! In that time we have saved 21 disposable diapers. That’s almost a half a package of size twos. Even before this we didn’t do full all-day cloth on our off days, probably about half of the diaper changes a day were cloth.

I know I mentioned previously that we were using gDiapers, but…
I don’t know what happened. The more I read up on cloth, especially now that I’d gotten my toes wet, I didn’t like them so much. Not to mention after only a month mine had taken some serious beatings getting used so much. The velcro had stopped being so sticky and it caused the tabs to sort of stick out some and he was getting really red painful looking spots where they pushed in to his sides/back. Even when I loosened the tabs enough to make the diaper almost useless. We still use them – mainly just at nap time and when I lay him in his bed from 7:30ish to midnight – I just put them on backwards.

Basically now we just use prefolds 90% of the time. I fold one into thirds and set it in another and use a snappie to hold it all together. It worked for my mom all the years she diapered us (she used cloth as well) and my momma won’t suffer using things that don’t work, so I figured it was good enough for me. And it is. I am loving this. I still want to pick up some covers because with this method we have to either switch to the gDiapers or disposables when we go out of the house, but I am so much happier with this. *knock on wood* We have yet to have a single blowout this way, and with Mason having those start of teething poops that’s a big deal. I change his diaper about every two hours (unless I notice it needs it before then) and he hasn’t ever completely soaked through.

The kids all think he looks adorable. Especially since we tie dyed three that we use as the out layer, and we got a green homemade tie dyed prefitted from a friend. John prefers the just plain white on the outside, but I think that’s mainly just due to his aversion to tie dye. lol

I think we’ve found what make us happy, it’s easy and cheap – especially since we just primarily use the 2 dozen prefolds we have and they only cost like $18 total – and it works.

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  1. How big is he? I have some xs thirstie covers that I need to sell, but I can give you one if'd you'd like. Thirstie covers are loved by most all cd users. pm on fb let me know if you'd think they'd work. That way you can try this brand before you spend any $$ buying more. You only need about 4 or so covers. Check out for great used dipe deals ;)

    So happy there's another cd mama in our group!