Friday, June 1, 2012

This week I’ve been busy.

The boys got out of school on May 24th so this was their first week home. Yeah… they haven’t been too bad, but Bella with them is like oh my gosh. She’s driving us all C R A Z Y.

DSCN7582 copy
(last day of school)

DSCN7567 copy
(taking advantage of them all being around. lol)

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I was up at the church for 5ish hours working. At least for the summer (hopefully into the fall as well) I’ll be acting as the primary teacher for the 2-3 year olds PDO class. I’ve been spending a ton of time getting the class ready, planning the lessons, and other such stuffs.

Photo05311058 copy
(main bulletin board in my class)

I haven’t added any Mason and Monster Puppy pictures recently, but I have been taking them. I’ll do a wrap up with them all at 12 weeks, but here is a preview of this week’s.
DSCN7734 copy2

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