Monday, June 4, 2012

When you go to the park to play…

When you go to the park to play….

DSCN7739 copy
the Pudding will first want to go on the playground and swing. While she is swinging she will see a huge ginormous enormous puddle.

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When the Pudding sees a huge ginormous enormous puddle she will want to throw stuff in it. In her quest to find big sticks and rocks to throw in it she will decide she wants to go on a walk.

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As the Pudding is going on the walk down the path she will see several baby frogs crossing the road. This will make her want to look for the mommy and daddy frogs.

DSCN7763 copy
When the Pudding can’t find the mommy and daddy frogs and starts to get upset you distract her by showing her the gross dead squished smelly decomposing snake you found. When you tell her not that no she can not touch it, she will give you a “you’re kidding right?” look.

DSCN7779 copy
When you finally drag the Pudding away from the dead snake (that she did not touch) you will walk some more until you get to an area that is very shady. You will be relieved. She will not.

DSCN7783 copy
Yet after you get out of the shady area and get to the old cemetery she will not be the least bit bothered, and will throw a fit when you inform her that it’s time to go back.

DSCN7795 copy
When you walk all the way back (half a mile) and are able to see the playground again the Pudding will run and skip ahead of you to it with a renewed spurt of energy.

And when you get back to the playground…
DSCN7821 copy
The Pudding will want to swing.

I couldn’t help myself. I felt the need to copy the “If you give a…” style.

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