Friday, January 11, 2013

Hey, we’re back on.


So. I did a nice little vanishing act, didn’t I?

If you keep up with the blog on Facebook you hopefully saw on Christmas Eve the little announcement that I put out. John and I had a decision to make in mid-December. We could either pay the internet/cable bill, which lets be honest – right then we really didn’t even have the money for it anyway, or we could use that money to buy Christmas presents. See those cute faces up there? They scream “Buy me stuff!” It wasn’t even something we had to think twice on. John’s checks weren’t really even enough for us to just live on, let alone do cable/internet, AND Christmas. Thankfully, Santa did appear, and our family was just blessed all around. Never let anyone tell you that there is no such thing as Santa, because he is, and we got a good ol’ Christmas miracle up in my house.

You might remember that about the same time our internet died I also lost my job. Our PDO program was done, and even though my check wasn’t much it was a steady amount that we had to count on every week. And if you have ever had the main bulk of your family’s income be based on a commission check you know how nice it is even to have a small sum you can count on every week. We sorely, sorely, missed that steady little check.

Now, I don’t really know what was up with the shop John works at. I think it came down to a miscommunication or something between higher ups on the amount of work he was getting. Or I could be completely wrong about that. When John and my step-dad (they work together in different departments of the shop) got back to work after Christmas my step-dad went in and talked to the bosses and told them that something had to be done and immediately. After that John got a loan from the shop and his checks are finally back to normal.

It’s pretty amazing having someone willing to go in and fight some battles for you.

Well, we just got the internet and cable back on tonight – thank goodness!! – so I thought I would come on and update with WHY I went and did my vanishing act. For once it wasn’t just me NOT making the time and motivation to post. I’ll try to get everything back up to speed this weekend.


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