Friday, October 11, 2013

Sharing–Not quite what I meant.

I’ve been working on Mason and sharing. His version of sharing is usually – here, I don’t want this anymore, you take it now and I’ll take what you have. Or it’s I’m going to stick my face right in your face and yell at you until you give me what you have that I want. OR it’s no, this is mine, you can’t have it ever and if you take it I will lay on the floor and scream until you give it back to me or I forget that it exists.

Ah, one and half year olds, so much fun.

DSCN9891 copy

Zach stayed home from school sick today (though I slightly doubt his level of sickness…) which made Mason happier than all get out. His “Acky” is his favorite person in the whole wide world. When Mason got up from his nap he did what he always does – he nursed for a good twenty-thirty minutes. About 15 minutes into his breastfeeding session Zach came in to the living room to wax on about how bored he was. Mason noticed the introduction of his favorite person to the room so he popped up and started yelling “Acky! Acky!” After Zach acknowledged him Mason started calling for him again while signing milk over and over. And just in case Zach didn’t get what Mason was hinting at, Mason would yell and sign, then latch on, then pat my chest, call Zach again, and sign again.

Zach finally did in fact catch on to what his brother was wanting. He gave a big sigh, rolled his eyes, and said “No Mason, I don’t want a boob.” It was at this point Mason decided that he actually didn’t want one either, got off my lap, and went to get on to the couch next to his brother.

That lasted a whole 5 minutes before he decided, no, he really did want to nurse after all, not sit on the couch with Zach.

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