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Our Life in Crafts–October Pt. 1

october crafts - life as their mom

In case you were unaware – Bella is a crafting fiend. No really. The girl absolutely loves to get her craft on. I decided that once or twice a month I would post and share our crafts that we have done each moth, along with some very basic steps on how you can do them as well. A lot of them are pretty basic and can be done with stuff you already have around the house, and some I got from Pinterest. Now, they aren’t all Halloween (or even fall) themed, but most are, and the others could probably be mixed up some to make them fall themed.

october crafts 1 - life as their mom

For this you will need a thing of heavy whipping cream, a mixer, honey, and cinnamon sugar. I poured the whipping cream, 1/3 a plastic bear container of honey, and about 5 tablespoons of cinnamon sugar into a large bowl and then beat with the mixer for about 5 minutes or longer depending on how firm you want it. *Note – If you use the whole container of heavy whipping cream it makes a ton. We ended up with 2 mason jars full, plus a tiny tupperware condiment container full.

october crafts 2 - life as their mom

Fall Banner – Supplies needed: heavy construction paper, crayons, marker, popsicle sticks, yarn, and tape. Simply draw your choice of fall items (we did apples, leaves, and acorns) on the paper with a black marker. Let the kids color them. Cut out the items. Spread out the items upside down with space between each, then lay the yarn over them with about an inch – half an inch between the yarn pieces. Tape down popsicle sticks so that the tape goes over the sticks and yarn while touching the paper (I used two pieces, one for each yarn). Knot the ends and hang it up.

Jack-O-Lantern Wall Decorations – Supplies needed: orange, black, brown and green construction paper, scissors, and glue. Cut out shapes for pumpkins, leaves, and stems. Cut out enough face pieces to go with your number of pumpkins. Let the kids decide which pieces go with each pumpkin and where to glue them on. (For older kids, let them draw and or cut out the pieces on their own.)

october crafts 3 - life as their mom

Directions found here: Tattoo Envelopes from Banquet Workshop

october crafts 4 - life as their mom

For this you will need a thing of oven bake modeling clay, paint, paper, and crayons. I had Bella draw a simple animal, and then we took the modeling clay and I had her roll balls for the head and the body, and then use her hands to flatten them down as much as she could (to get the smooth surface you can use a rolling pin instead, or do what we did and flip the piece over and call that the front). Then I had her roll out pieces for the legs and tails. Next I helped her put all the pieces so that they’d stick together, then we curled the tail and attached it, and I pinched out the ears. Bake as the clay package directs, then let them sit and cool, and then paint. I used this as an opportunity to talk about mixing colors and had her make her own pink. We used the non-brush end of the paint brush to dab and draw on the face.

october crafts 5 - life as their mom

You will need black yarn and black (or brown) pipe cleaners. Take two pipe cleaners and cut them in half, lay the four pieces together. Take your yarn – and don’t cut it – tie a simple knot around the middle of the pipe cleaners. Wrap the yarn around the middle of the pipe cleaners until it covers about an inch of the middle. Spread the legs into four groups of two, making an uppercase H shape. Start wrapping the opposite way with the yarn going between the legs. After several wraps that way go back to wrapping the yarn the way you did at the beginning. When you get the spider as thick as you like cut the yarn, wrap until you have about a 1-2 inch tail and the tie it off to the yarn used on the body, and tuck the excess into the rest of the yarn. Spread and bend the legs until you get a spider leg look.

october crafts 6 - life as their mom

Directions found here: Weekend Make and Takes: Pumpkins from Make and Take

october crafts 7 - life as their mom

This is a simple one. All you need is a marker, a pen, a set of dice, and two small toys. Give the kiddo some paper and the maker and tell him to draw up a board game map. Then sit down together and decide if there were will be any special spots on the game, what the icons for them will look like, and where they will go. Next decide on directions together. After everything has been decided write your directions down on the game (that way there is no arguing later, trust me, you’ll thank me that you wrote them down). Sit down and enjoy your game.

Well, I hope you enjoy our crafts for this month, and I’d love to see your tries if you make any of them!

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