Monday, October 21, 2013

Give a mom a webcam.

give a mom a webcam - life as their mom

Each month I make a new scrapbook page all about the things that I love about the month. And, well, I need a new photo of just me for the page. Those are the rules.

Ignore the fact that I made the rules and thus could just easily break them with no one knowing. I have to remind myself each time that just because I can break the rules doesn’t mean that I should.

I always feel super stupid taking pictures of myself.

Yesterday after church, while the kids were napping, I was aimlessly scrolling through Pinterest because, well, I had nothing better that I wanted to do. Key word – WANTED. When I came across a friend’s self portrait inspiration board I decided to have some fun seeing as how I was already all made up and stuff.

I turned on the webcam, set the timer on it, and randomly tried copying poses. Not that successfully. Or as prettily. But hey, at least I have this chore done with. Now all I have to do is make my scrapbook page.

I think as a mom, we all need more pictures of just us moms. It’s so easy to just throw a kid in with you, but I’ve found that unless I make an effort to get a picture of just me I can go MONTHS without getting a picture of just me. I always use these photos as a little reminder that I’m not just a mom. I’m also a woman. A hot woman. Even if only in my husband’s eyes. Don’t you want your kids to look back and have pictures of you too? Don’t you enjoy pictures of your mom when she was your age? Don’t you think your husband would like a photo of you? Better yet, don’t you love that feeling you get when you see a photo that you look good in?

Get your camera, webcam, or phone out and get pictures of yourself. Be silly. Be cute. Be sexy. Just make sure you’re having fun. After a while that fun will show on your face and then you’ll see just how pretty you are.

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