Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This month so far + September Template

What I’ve yet to blog about so far this month.

start of september 1 - Life as Their Mom
Labor Day at my Aunt’s house. The majority of my dad’s family met Mason for the first time. Mason was pretty fascinated by my dad’s tattoos.

start of september 2 - Life as Their Mom
Ryan started playing soccer, and has had his first game. His team won 7-2. Unfortunately for his team Ryan was goalie when the other team scored the 2 points and John said Ryan was totally off in La La Land when they happened.

And in other Ryan news….
start of september 4 - Life as Their Mom
Apparently my boy has a little girlfriend… or maybe a stalker….

start of september 3 - Life as Their Mom
Bella has been sick a good majority of the month. Between allergies and a stomach bug it’s been a long few days for her.

And to round the past ten days off…
start of september 5 - Life as Their Mom
Zach has been invited to join some smart kids program thing at his school!!

Lastly, what you’ve been waiting for, September’s free template!


Oh, and if you’re wondering about the five template giveaway… well… only 4 people responded. If a few more would like to enter that’d be great, if not, well, I dunno. lol


  1. I wanted to do it, but can't open the extension b/c I used Gimp :-(

    1. Sarai the PSD file should work with gimp. I mean I could be wrong about that, its been years since I've used that.

    2. I thought it would, but it said that I didn't have a program to open it