Thursday, September 13, 2012

30 @ 3 - What it is.

I’m doing this photo prompt challenge with a group of my friends who all have children that were born at about the same time as Bella. I started it a little while ago, but couldn’t figure a way to incorporate the pictures into blog posts without them seeming, well, random. I decided, why not just bring the challenge over here too? Here is the information I gave my friends:

Starting next week I'll be posting weekly topics with 5 photo prompts for you to take of your 3 year old. (Hey, camera phones are perfectly acceptable.) You don't have to do them daily, or in the order listed. They are pretty general, and most are things they do on their own without prompting. 

I don't want this to be a stress thing, just a fun way to get some more pictures of our kiddos. The pictures don't have to be perfect. Think of it as a way to capture their quirks at this age.

I’ll post my first week of pictures Monday. Feel free to join in and snag the list! And your kiddo doesn't have to be three for you to join in. He/she can be any age.

Oh and for my scrapbooking friends, make sure that you go by and check out Traci Reed's blog for the September freebie from the Hawt Mamas. It might just be a set of nine templates, and I might just have made one of them.

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