Monday, September 17, 2012

30 @ 3–Week 1 Photos

Remember, you can find the 30 @ 3 Lists by clicking that link.

I’m actually on week 3 starting today, but am just now moving it to the blog. Each Monday I’ll post the next week’s photos. So, here are week one’s photos!

(1. New Cup  2. Drawing  3. Crazy Hair  4. On One Foot.  5. Favorite Color – They are all out of order so that I could fit them together the best way possible for the image.)

Tomorrow I’ll post some pictures from this weekend. It was a busy one for us. John and the big three had camping with Cub Scouts. Ryan had a soccer game – and we actually got some pictures worth sharing this time. Plus, there was the cuteness of Mason discovering grass.

Hey read this too!On August 27th I posted a giveaway for a template set, unfortunately there were less than a handful of people to enter. I would really like it if more people entered, so I’m going to put myself out there again. (Because it’s kind of a blow to the self esteem when no one wants to enter. lol) I’m going to re-open the entries for the template set, making the new deadline September 21st. If no one else enters I will just give all who did enter the set. I’m updating that post with the new entry deadline, so please keep your entries on that post, not this one.

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